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    Here is installment #10
    I think this will be it for now. . today is feb15 and we are just about done mixing (we have been remote mixing with Fabio Trentini in Italy. . now thats a thread of emails you cant imagine!)- Please look for the CD release in about three weeks.
    thanks again for your interest and contributions it helps us to keep making music, for which we are utterly, profoundly grateful.
    Hope to see you at a Stick Men show!

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From: Pat Mastelotto
Date: February 10, 2011 8:12:40 PM CST
To: Tony Levin Levin , "markusReuter"
Subject: moist'est smudge

tony, i found that old chunk i think you liked for after the break down, it did have toms in the pattern but i dont mind them now, in fact they sound good to me, there is a snare in there but just on a cpl back beats ( 1st and 5th) - i kept the whole phrase in fact i keep the next phrase too - so its 8 bars of new, its nice the kick is simpler for the last 4 bars and i can hear markus chimy sounds and the enter play between gtrs better ( even if i do sound like the drummer from Leo Sayers for a few bars).

Guys, also - check out the intro,
i noticed on one earliest version it was just vibrator at the start -- so i did tha, , t then my edrums for 2 phrases, then drums for one, then theme -
= <Smudge feb 10 patruff.mp3>


On Feb 10, 2011, at 8:21 PM, Tony Levin wrote:

Happenin !!



from Real PROG : Work In PROGgress, released March 10, 2011



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